Wax Melts Fife

Kerri Masson is a very successful businesswoman who started up from the kitchen in her home, she is without a doubt the spirit that makes a true entrepreneur and it was a pleasure to chat with her at our showcase open day in Kirkcaldy.

Like a lot of business people, there is something that drives them and in Kerri’s case, it was not the desire to work for herself!  Indeed, in an earlier life, she was already a very successful glass painter, and her methods and passion for quality made her stand out from her competitors.

When she decided to go into the wax business it was because she had a belief she could do it better than what was on offer, quality and service was her priority and mix that together with hard work has truly made her business grow to the extent she was able to claim back her kitchen and take over an empty TSB property in Lochgelly.

It was a smart move and now Kerri is delighted to carry on expanding her business with coming on board with 1517.

It is an exciting time because as Kerri has acknowledged, it allows her a professional high street presence and one that can grow her business all over the UK should she desire.

Kerri is one of these people that is truly self-made, extremely friendly but shoots from the hip, her brand reflects her personality, and 1517 are delighted that she has chosen to come on board with us on our journey to change retail and to give both the consumer and businesses a better experience.