We are delighted to bring on board INKA Organic

Why did we welcome INKA with BIG open arms? Well, their ethos is something very similar to ours at 1517, we love the diversity that retail should and can offer!

Here at 1517 we now set the standards that the public deserves, by listening, asking questions, and by being creative! To give the consumer a nicer, better quality and creative journey when they come shopping.

“A brand that proves it has a truly natural and clean philosophy”

As pioneers in the natural beauty industry since 2006, they have made it their mission to discover and utilise the most unique and powerful botanical extracts from around the world to protect, nourish, revitalise & enhance all skin types and beauty features.

Ultimately, they believe in crafting products that contain the highest level of Certified Organic ingredients and work so well that you to feel radiant, all day long. Product performance is tested to consistently deliver within the most demanding conditions.

Their makeup ranges are the brand of choice globally by Makeup Artists and Inika Organic is the only certified organic and natural makeup brand trusted at the most respected fashion designer parades at New York Fashion Week in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

They are passionate about quality ensuring all the ingredients are ethically sourced, 100% clean and naturally derived from botanicals or minerals. With over 40 global beauty awards for product excellence and innovation the award-winning organic beauty brand is preferred and loved by women all over the world.

We are so excited to have Inika on board with us as part of our journey @ 1517!

INIKA ORGANIC. Pure. Natural. Flawless.