15:17 Directors Update

We are growing stronger all the time, with new property acquisitions being signed, sealed and delivered every day.

Although we were committed to our vision and journey long before the lockdown reared its head, the actual lockdown had a strange positive outcome for us.

People suddenly realised they missed shopping and when the stores opened again, even though the social distance was in place! it has actually enhanced our journey.

With our fresh outlook and approach to retailing, it’s been an amazing experience to see how people are welcoming us with open arms, and it’s not just the public!

Business concessions who have suddenly found themselves with no place to trade from, with large multinationals having to close lots of stores throughout the country.

We are a shining light for them because we are different, we are creative, we are passionate, we are an umbrella for businesses because we facilitate them with everything they need, but more than that, we are affordable, nothing is hidden cost-wise when they join us.

We actually care about their business when they join us and help mentor and advise whenever it’s needed, we are one big retail family – stronger together.

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