15:17 Directors Update

The journey continues with our exterior refurbishment! We started off with an empty store and a vision! We took the challenge, we built our store and our team created our vision. But our vision and ethos were also that we would never stand on our laurels and to carry on, improving and making change.

In the beginning, our team started the transformation of the store into a new concept, a concept to entice people to come out and enjoy a new type of retail experience. A concept that would give superb foundations for companies to come on board with us and to allow people to become entrepreneurs in their own right. We also listened to feedback, we listened to our business partners, our staff and our customers.

The result is we have completed a fabulous new exterior shop fit, complete with bold new signage. We believe the journey of the store starts at the very front! to be cutting edge and one that will stimulate the customer to enter the store and to enjoy the experience.

So! gone is the 80s marble that had clad the exterior and the foyer, we have replaced it with rich dark timber edged with black trim. Our single signage has been replaced with 2 signs to facilitate the length of the exterior. Both light up and are complemented by our colourful signature brand colours acting as a border and spanning the whole length of the store.

We would like to thank Oliver from ’Designs Signage Solutions’. From the initial consultation, they have been creative, resourceful with budget and completion of works was swift and tidy.


And so our journey and amazing changes continue!

To be continued…

15-17 department-store-logo