Accessories for the Home

Business owner Carol Cappernauld has a wealth of experience when it comes to retail, indeed, she was a buyer with Hourstons for 15 years amongst many years in the shoe trade, but one day she suddenly had the desire to be in charge of her own destiny.

We caught up with Carol at 15:17 Ayr where her business CC Home is based.

We asked her some questions about her journey and if she has any advice for would-be entrepreneurs.

Question: What made you take the jump and open your own business?

Answer: To be honest, for me it was all about timing, I had the knowledge to confidently source and go and buy my products, I also had the passion to do my own thing.

Q: Tell us more about timing?

A: Well, I had all these things and ideas in my head, but not really sure how I could make it happen!

The cost of finding my own premises, decorating it, rent, electricity, and the possibilities of staff wages! It all frightened me.

Then 1517 came along and I knew the time was right, my instincts told me that this was my time to shine and I’ve never looked back. Being part of something bigger than just stand-alone and with only one monthly financial outlay, it was like a dream come true.

Q: How important is it for you to be part of something bigger?

A: Well, the management made it their desire to help me succeed, with help and advice, always at hand, they even look after my shop when I’m having a lunch break. It’s great to see people wander in and experience this new way to enjoy retail, usually, It’s not just about making a sale, but I’m able to strike up a relationship with help and give advice on what people need for their home and the result is I now have built up a wonderful customer base.

Q: Why do you think 1517 has been a success? After all lots of stores have closed down yet 1517 is dramatically expanding?

A: To be honest, the stores that have sadly closed found it difficult to change with the times, they just could not compete with the internet and they did not grasp how the high street had been changing for a while now.

The public wants a better, more exciting journey when they come out to shop and that is exactly what they get with the vision of 15:17, the cafe and food hall concept is a popular destination and of course, the more people that are drawn to the store then the busier all the other retailers are.

Q: There must be some downside to your journey, surely?

A: Well, the lockdown was very scary, would people actually come back out and shop? But the lockdown actually has made people appreciate shopping even more now that restrictions are lifted. My business has returned and I am a very happy businesswoman.

Q: Thank you so much, Carol, for taking the time to talk about your journey with 15:17.

Finally, can you give advice on anybody thinking about doing what you have done?

A: If you have an idea and the opportunity to fulfil it then grab it with both hands, don’t hesitate and do it with passion and visualise your success, and when doubt enters your head then bin the thought and visualise your success again.

If by any bad luck it does not work then all you will have lost is a bit of money but if you succeed! you will be the proudest person on the planet.