About Us

Here’s how we do it

We are not just a concession space, we offer experiences and services that draw people in for a few hours and not just a quick one-off purchase.

Imagine a store where alongside shopping and browsing you can take an exercise class, see your optician, meet friends for lunch, attend a fashion show, have your hair done by professionals, take the kids to soft play and even post a letter or parcel while collecting your weekly veg box from the local farmers market – Our store is designed to bring leisure, pleasure and service back to the high street.

This is a community within a community all under one roof where national meets local – we all grow together.

A one-off payment that includes






Staff Rooms

Prerequisites to success

40,000 - 100,000 sq. feet stores
Central to town centres with high footfall
Anchor sites
Surrounded by successful brands and local businesses
Clean, bright, secure, warm and friendly environment.

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